The program (CDR) is a national point score system designed to provide the club-level racer with extra incentives to compete at their local clubs more often.

This is a first for Australian Karting.

It will provide the opportunity For drivers to not only see how they are faring against drivers In their home club but against any other driver across the country, while vying for thousands of dollars in prizes.

The CDR program will enable drivers to race locally and be ranked nationally.

The program runs from 1 March to 31 October 2018.

Participating Karting Australia affiliated Clubs will be required to nominate a maximum of eight (8) club race meetings* that will count for the CDR.

A maximum of a driver's six (6) best CDR race meetings in a single Class at each Club* will be tallied up to create their final SP Tools Ranking.

Drivers can compete at multiple Clubs and in multiple Classes Or Divisions, however their points at different Clubs* and in the different Classes will not be combined in the overall rankings.

Winning is a bonus but the CDR is also about participation With the point score equalised across small, medium And large sized Clubs.

At each club race meeting, a driver's best Heat Race and the Final will be the only races that count towards the Rankings.

Performing well across the whole race meeting will be important but a bad Heat Race or two won't spell the end of things in the CDR with only a Driver best Heat Race including in the standings, not every Heat Race.

* In South Australia, Tasmania and other selected Clubs because of the low number of club race meetings that are held each year, the maximum number of eight Club Race Meetings that are required to be nominated by the participating Club can, at the discretion of Karting Australia be amalgamated across several participating Clubs in each State.