When does the SP Tools Club Driver Rankings run?

The SP Tools CDR takes in relevant events between March 1 and October 31.


Am I automatically entered as a CDR competitor?

Yes. As a KA Competition Licence Holder, when you enter a CDR Meeting at your Club, you will automatically score CDR points from that race meeting.


Is each event at my club automatically entered for CDR?

NO. When developing the Supplementary Regulations for a race meeting, your Club MUST specify that it will be classified for CDR by selecting ‘CDR Meeting’ from the drop-down box in the Club Competition Supplementary Regulations and the Club Timekeeper must ensure CDR is listed in the Event Name on the MYLAPS Orbits timing system for that race meeting.

Each eligible event nationally has been tagged in the Karting Australia system so it can become a CDR event as Clubs put their Supplementary Regulations together.


How many race meetings can I enter to score points towards SP Tools CDR?

You can enter a maximum of eight meetings at ONE club, where the SIX best pointscores will go towards your CDR tally in your chosen Class or Competition Group.

For example, if you enter four CDR events at Newcastle Kart Club and four events at Eastern Lions Kart Club - this would not constitute your eight CDR events - it would be scored as four individual events from Newcastle and four from Eastern Lions.

If you entered eight CDR events at Cooloola Coast Kart Club - your best six scores from Cooloola Coast count towards your CDR tally.


I’m from South Australia or Tasmania - we don’t have that many Club Days…

SP Tools CDR has taken this into account and if you are from those two States, you can enter Club Days registered as CDR events at any club in South Australia or Tasmania and that will add to your tally under ‘South Australia Combined’ or ‘Tasmania Combined’. Your best six scores from a maximum of eight CDR race meetings in the State you wish to enter will count.


Where are the results drawn from for pointscores?

The data will be drawn from MyLaps Speedhive - those results at the end of the race meeting are final and not subject to Protest or Appeal (aside from those applicable under the National Competition Rules).


What classes are eligible and how do I win prizes?

CDR is split into four competition Groups (Group):

·         Cadet

·         Junior

·         Senior

·         4 Stroke Sprint


The top 15 ranked drivers per Group Nationally will be rewarded with prizes.

The top three in each of the following classes (Class) will receive prizes [Group in brackets]:



·         Cadet 9

·         Cadet 12


·         KA4 Junior

·         KA3 Junior

·         Junior Performance


·         KA3 Senior

·         TaG 125 Restricted

·         TaG 125

·         Masters

·         Open Performance

[4 Stroke Sprint]

·         4SS Junior

·         4SS Senior


Sportsman Classes ARE eligible to score points toward CDR Group Rankings, but NOT for Class Rankings.


How do I score points?

You can score points in every single race. At the completion of a CDR event ONLY your best heat race finish will go towards your tally AND your Final finishing position.

If you win the Final in your class, you get a points bonus.


I’ve entered two (or more) classes, how does affect my score?

Only your best score from the two (or more) Classes will count towards your Group tally.


I’m not sure if the race meeting I’m entering is a CDR event…

Check with the Club at point of entry. If it has NOT been selected as a CDR event when the Club is developing Supplementary Regulations,

then you CANNOT score points towards your CDR.

The list of eligible events can be found on the Club Driver Rankings website.


At the end of the period, I’m equal on points with someone else - how will the deadlock be broken?

The driver with the most number of first places will have the highest placing. If there is still a tie, officials will go to the most number of second places,

then third places and so on until the tie is broken. If it cannot be broken, drivers will be ranked equally.


What does the prize pool include?

There’s $50,000 in prizes thanks to SP Tools and other industry partners. Included in the prize pool are eight SP Tools invertor generators, 24 SP Tools impact driver, cordless drill and light packages, 28 SP Tools karting tool kits, 12 annual Karting Australia racing licences, multiple sets of Bridgestone, Dunlop, MG and Vega tyres.

Clubs also have the chance to purchase SP Tools products at greatly reduced rates for use around the Club or for fundraising events (raffles, event prizes etc).