About SP Tools
Proudly Australian-owned And operating since 1987, SP Tools has been a Market Leader For more than 25 years in Automotive & Industrial Tools, Powered Equipment, small engines and compressors.
The quality brands – SP AIR, SP Hand Tools And Torini Engines, provide a huge range Of products that cover all aspects Of industry from automotive through To trade, and up to heavy industries
SP Tools has more than 1000 outlets Australia wide And is available in more than 30 Countries.
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About Karting Australia
The Australian Karting Association Ltd trading As Karting Australia (KA) Is the governing body For the sport Of Karting in Australia. Formed In 1966 the AKA has produced some of Australias finest motor racing talents.
People of all ages can enjoy the sport with children as young as seven competing behind the wheel. Karting teaches these children, both boys and girls, basic driving
skills well before they are able to obtain their road licence.
Kart meetings take place at circuits across Australia every weekend at four levels – Club, Regional, State or National.
About Bridgestone Kart Tyres
Bridgestone Kart Racing Tyres are imported and distributed in Australia by the Paul Feeney Group.
Bridgestone's advanced production technology ensures that engine power is transfered to the racing surface as efficently and consistently as possible, and these
tyres have propelled many drivers to victory, from club level to national and international endurance and sprint events.
About MG Tyres
MG Tyres are imported and distributed in Australia in Australia by DPE Kart Technology.
With three decades worth of research and development have all been focused on producing the highest levels of performance possible.
The company has a core philosophy of manufacturing a great product and supporting it with unparalleled dedication.
The MG Tyres brand is one of the most successful and most respected tire manufacturers in the World.
About Dunlop Kartsport/
Dunlop's go kart tyre range include over 60 different tyre sizes, compounds and constructions covering all facets of the sport
from hard compound SL tyres through to 5 inch CIK and 6 inch Superkart slick and wet tyres.
In Australia Dunlop Kartsport stock the KA control SL1A, SL6, DFH and DFM slick alongside KT13, KT14 and KT6SLW1 wet.
We also offer a specific hire go kart tyre, the Dunlop DF2 and a range of open competition tyres including the DES, DFS, DEM and DEH slick in both 5 inch and 6 inch sizes.
About Vega Tyres
Since 1980 Vega has produced the best tyres For Karting.
The performance, the manufacturing quality, the excellent value For money, are all the result Of the continuous efforts in research And development
In the laboratory And On the track, the purchase the best raw materials and of the standardization Of production processes.